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Monday, June 25, 2012

Language is a very time-consciousness thing.

I often hear people say something like this: "Once I got stuck with a word which I don't understand, I lost myself completely." In other words, it is like that if you miss a tempo, you miss everything.

This temporality of language is inevitable. We can only utter one word after another, and we can only read one word after another. And it is the primal condition of any possibility of learning a language. Unless we can disregard language completely, we have to deal with it across time.

When we are listening, we need to use our imagination, to punctual the flow of language to a certain rhythm, to retain the past sound with a meaning attached to it, to expect the future sound which we can comprehend, and to focus on the current sound which we understand. It's a very complex issue indeed. Yet, when it's your turn to speak, you are continuously facing this temporality. You need to have a certain rhythm, to project your voice across time and make people understand.

Chinese is no different from other language in this aspect.

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