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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Do you want to do an intensive Basic Level A course?

A fellow student, Jo Reddy, an attractive busy law teacher travelling from U.K. to H.K. and back to U.K. all the time. She has finished both Intro Level A and Intro Level B, and she really wants to continue to Basic Level A.

If you have your afternoons free for the peroid of 18 Apr to 6 May, she would love to study Basic level A course with you in these three weeks! It will be two hours every afternoon from 2:30 - 4:30pm.

Sounds good? email and

Subtitles sometimes is amusing

I watched a DVD movie this Sunday with Chinese subtiles. My English is not that good, so sometimes I need to read subtitles to help me. Here is what I think is funny:

When a girl in the movie said something about her horescope, and the subtiltes translated into 'horse hut'!

Sometimes I find it amusing when I spot one or two errors like that.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Our first get-together

tony and the girls discuss the fine points of the tofu-red wine pairing

grace disagrees heartily, while sayuri and florence keep their counsel

before maya subjected them to "Infernal Affairs" with the mandarin soundtrack

sayuri (with coco), sylvia, verena and florence are still smiling. something must have gone right.


Hello, fellow acolytes of April! This is a supplement to our "social group": a venue for all of us to meet online, swap war stories about learning Mandarin, figure out how we can practice our fledgling language skills outside the classroom, and plan our next get-together.

I will give everybody an email invitation to become a member of this blog. This will allow you to read all messages, comment on them, and post your own. In time the blog will develop its own character and we can decide if we want a stricter format; for now please just feel free to post anything you want to share about your Mandarin-learning experiences. Funny stories are especially welcome.