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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Last Sunday I was told a classical story on why a person can fail in learning a language.

This gentle man tried to learn Cantonese for about two to three months. And one day he went to a shop and tried to use his Cantonese to get things he wanted. But it appeared that the shop assistant didn't understand him at all. Similar things happened a couple of more times and he was totally discouraged. And he stopped learning. Now he only remembers a couple of words and never take the initiative again.

I don't think anybody can avoid this kind of situation, especially at the early stage. The sad thing is that this situation can put people to a stop.

The best thing to do is: be aware of this type of setback and be prepared, and know that if you continue you will pass this stage very soon.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Three Self Study Tips

It's nice to be around a teacher, but not all the time. It's vital important that you find time to do self study. It's during these hours that you consolidate, you refresh, you memorize and you learn!

1. Listen without reading all the text in your textbook. Check your understanding.
2. Do exercises in your workbook.
3. Read aloud what you have learned.

If you have one hour lesson with your teacher, you probably need two hours to consolidate and be able to claim what you have learned are really yours.