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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Strong body, Weak mind

There are always something that we want. It could be speaking putonghua really well, or getting that lean, trim and muscular body, or playing piano beautifully, or being a golf master, etc, etc.

There are somebody out there already doing that. Why can't this person be me? If you only got one single reason, like you have speech recognition problem and that keeps you from speaking putonghua well, or you have curved fingers that keeps you from playing a musical instrument, you are indeed couldn't be this person. There's no coulda, shoulda, woulda there. If you can come up with a thousand reasons why this person is not you, you belong to the category of strong body with weak mind.

It's your weak mind sabotage you all the time. While your body is capable of doing something, but your mind can't.