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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This stands for Keep It Simple, you Stupid! Lots of engineers use this principle when they design a new product. It also applies well for beginners when they just start learning Mandarin. We can dub it into Keep It Simple, Student!

It happens very often that people want to say this and want to say that, but they could not say it. The reason is they try to translate everything from English to Mandarin word by word, and therefore they find they don’t have the necessary vocabulary. In fact, for most of people, in most of cases, vocabulary is not what they really need. They already have what they really need. Lots of things can be expressed differently. If you think of some other words to express the same thing, you probably can do it!

It is very important for students (of all levels) to use what they learned to express themselves, to stretch what they learned to a maximum point.

The fast track to fluent speaking is not accumulating more vocabulary. It is practice, practice and practice! Practice makes perfect.