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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Beer and Mandarin

Many people have shared this experience. It is that when they had a beer, their Mandarin speaking fluency suddenly got a lot better. The beer somehow lifts up the pressure and things get better with their Mandarin.

Thanks to Maya and Sayuri for their effort of organizing numerous get-togethers. And, our next get together, guess from the beginning of this page, should be in a bar, where everybody can have a drink and some fun!

First who it is for:
- The students who have graduated from MSL
- The current students
- The future students
- Their friends, and friends’ friends
All are welcome!

The second is when:
The plan is on Oct 29 (Saturday) late afternoon around 4-7pm.

The next is where and how much:
There are two bars in Wanchai offering a good deal for a group of people. It is a cash bar. The cost will be on each person.

- Choice 1: Coyote, the deal is $198 per person (incl. snacks and ½ jug Margarita.).

- Choice 2: Chinatown, the deal is $100 per person (incl. snacks and 2 drinks, could be all the house spirits, house wine and house champagne, and all the bottles beer).

Which one do you want to go for?

Then we get to the most important what:
Remember the saying somebody’s junk is someone else’s treasure? Donate some of your unwanted stuff for an auction sale! This auction (hopefully) will be conducted in Chinese! And the money will be the initial fund to our next get together, like going to Disney Land Hong Kong! If at the end nobody thinks your junk is treasure, you can take it home.

Mark the date on your calendar, start thinking what stuff you want to get rid of, and fresh ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Finally it’s time to ask you: Are you in?

You can tell your friends this message.

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